Our olive groves

The olive groves of our family are located in the northwest part of the island of Skopelos and around the village of Glossa at an altitude of 250m, with a total area of 50 acres. The varieties cultivated are more of the cannon or Pelion and less the crown. The fruit is harvested in the traditional way from the tree (olive and olive trees) and is placed in a stack to prevent breakage or alteration, while pressing is strictly within 24 hours of harvest and at a temperature of not more than 27 degrees Celsius.

A century of history begins ...

The ``Antoniou`` oil mill is a traditional family business with a history of three generations from the operation of the first olive press in the small village of Skopelos Island. For 130 years our mill produces the extra virgin olive oil of the families of the island of Skopelos.

The route begins in 1890 with the grandfather Georgios I. Antonios to start the creative journey of the family business. At that time, the beginning was made with the traditional olive oil and the crushing of the olive tree with the millstones and the help of the animals.

Continuing in the second generation with the grandfather John G. Antoniou, traditional olive oil production goes in the most modern way, applying the hydraulic presses and later the centrifugal machines.

Following the tradition, the Antoniou family today produces, selects and standardizes for you the excellent quality extra virgin olive oil with its rich nutrients, the perfect aroma and the fruity taste of the fresh and healthy olive fruit, in its new modern facilities in Glossa Skopelos.

Reaching today


• Olive trees with an area of 60.000m2
• Modern mill with a capacity of 2.5 tons of olives per hour
• Air-conditioned installations and storage of olive oil in stainless steel tanks and ideal for maintaining temperatures.
• Stainless steel storage tanks of 25 tons
• Semi-automatic olive oil bottling line
• Separate packaging space for packaging materials
• Storage area of finished products
• Offices - changing rooms - WC
• Presentation of products and exhibition of traditional and old machinery

The processing, storage and standardization areas of olive oil meet certified food hygiene and safety standards.

Our aim is to ensure the optimal conditions for the maintenance and preservation of olive oil in order to keep its quality characteristics unchanged.