Our olive oil!

For 130 years our mill produces the extra virgin olive oil of the families of the island of Skopelos. Following tradition, we produce extra virgin olive oil with rich nutrients, the perfect aroma and the fruity taste of the fresh and healthy olive fruit.

The cultivation of the olive was an old-fashioned way of life for the inhabitants of Glossa and the island in general. The ``Antoniou`` oil mill is a traditional family business with a history of three generations since functioning the first olive press in the small village of Skopelos Island.

Olive press

In our new modern facilities, we select, produce and standardize extra virgin olive oil for you.
Our aim is to ensure the optimal conditions for the maintenance and preservation of olive oil in order to keep its quality characteristics unchanged.


Drops of olive over the Aegean!

Our olive oil comes from Skopelos traditional olive groves of amfissis (local skopelos) and koroneiki variety. We harvest the fruit in traditional way (by hand – old method) and we press it directly in our Olive Press with cold pressed method.
Distinguished for its high polyphenol and other antioxidant levels, its bright green color and fruity aroma. Its flavour is described as slightly pungent, juicy and fresh.