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Our olive oil comes from Skopelos traditional olive groves of amfissis (local skopelos) and koroneiki variety. We harvest the fruit in traditional way (by hand – old method) and we press it directly in our Olive Press with cold pressed method.

Distinguished for its high polyphenol and other antioxidant levels, its bright green color and fruity aroma. Its flavour is described as slightly pungent, juicy and fresh.


Confirms the excellent quality of olive oil and the pleasant taste of olive fruit.

Cold pressing

Extraction of olive oil within 24 hours of harvesting, using the cold pressing process (<27 C), necessary data for the production of high quality olive oil.


Under ideal, strictly controlled conditions, the organoleptic characteristics (color, aroma, taste) of the product are guaranteed and guarantee the high quality and preservation of the nutrients of the olive oil.